Chilton Library Mural

Chilton Library Mural with the image of a woman, book, and flowers.

61 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton

“Be Anything” shows a face split in two- one half being your average reader and the other a fantastical character accessed through the book she is reading. The meaning is: “Through books, movies and events from our local library, we are able to experience a different story and have aspects of our own lives reflected back to us. We can enter into the life of another in a way surpassing our own limits. Connecting with their inner strength to discover our own, as well as seeing parts of our lives that may need attention & growth. You can also find subjects of interest and learn new things to take action towards your own dreams.”

This mural was created for the Chilton Public Library’s summer reading program- intended to not only spark wonder in those passing by, but also bring the community together by inviting teens to assist in its creation.

Painted by Audifax (Brandi Kupsky) with help from local teens.